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Welcome to Redfish Nation Apparel

Redfish Nation Apparel.   Hello my name is Ruben i started Redfish Nation after a failed attempt with another brand  Dead Red Fishing,   year after i started Dead Red Fishing i was contacted by a person in Louisiana that they had registered the rights to Dead Red Fishing.  They just happened to start there business a month after i started mine.  The only difference is that they Trademarked the name and i didn't.  I learned my lesson from that venture, that's when i started Redfish Nation Apparel.  I first trademarked the name before i went public with it.  Once i had secured the name i created the brand using some of the same designs that were very popular with Dead Red Fishing. I'm glad to be back up and running with this new brand and see large potential with it.  

What we like to see do is see the brand go nation wide which we are already on our way.  We are looking for bait shops, fishing stores, hardware stores that like to carry the brand Redfish Nation in there shop, please contact us so we can talk. 

who we are

Redfish Nation Apparel was the idea of Bizzytop Graphics, it was originally named Dead Red Fishing but because of some trademark and legal issues with the name it changed to Redfish Nation.  Redfish Nation came to live in the end of 2017 with the customers that we had created for Dead Red Fishing it was easy to change over to a new name with the same great designs and clothing preformance.

what we do

Redfish Nation Apparel, providing comfort and fashion with our performance shirts and caps.  We strive for comfort, and protection against the elements.  

Vendors Wanted

Looking for bait shops, fishing stores, hardware and outdoor stores to carry the Redfish Nation product.  Please contact for wholesale prices.